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One More Day: Warren Buffett and the Berkshire Hathaway 2024 Annual Meeting

by Maia Babbs

This was the first annual meeting since Charlie Munger's death.  Less well-known than Buffett, Munger was the Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway and a brilliant, witty investor and person. read more...

Q1 2024: Off Like a Rocket

by Maia Babbs

The U.S. stock markets hit record high levels in the first quarter of 2024, as continued economic strength, the potential for market-boosting interest rate cuts later this year and investor exuberance around the potential for artificial intelligence drove U.S. equities higher. read more...

Tax Deadline Reminders

by Maia Babbs

Tax day is Monday, April 15, 2024.  October 15, 2024, is the tax return due date for those filing extensions. A few reminders as we get closer to the deadline. read more...

2023 Year-end Review and Outlook for 2024: Are Market Expectations Overly Optimistic?

by Maia Babbs

2023 was a strong year in the equity markets.  As we closed the year, market participants became increasingly confident that a “soft landing” (continued economic growth despite tightening monetary policy) was likely, and that the Federal Reserve would begin to cut interest rates beginning as early as March 2024. read more...

2023 Year-end Financial Reminders

by Maia Babbs

2023 went by quickly! As we near year-end, please note the following tax deadlines and financial housekeeping to-do items. As we move into 2024, note that major changes could be coming to the personal tax landscape over the next several years. read more...

Q3 2023 Review: Bond Market Volatility Rises, Equity Markets Weaken but Still Strong YTD

by Maia Babbs
Oct 23, 2023

After a strong first half of 2023 in the financial markets this year, sentiment in both the equity and bond markets began to worsen early in the third quarter.  Typically, July and August are quieter months in the markets, as many market participants take time off. read more...

Roth IRAs for Hardworking Teenagers: A Perk of Your Child’s Summer Job with Big Potential

by Maia Babbs
Sep 20, 2023

If your child earns income, they are eligible to set up a Roth IRA, which is an extra perk from all that lifeguarding, ice cream scooping, lawnmowing and paid interning.   While the financial jargon (IRAs, earned income, contributions etc.) read more...

Will the Financial Markets Shake It Off?

by Maia Babbs

Maybe it’s still a “YOLO” (you only live once) effect from Covid, as consumers continue to spend lavishly on experiences like concerts and travel, but the fact remains that consumers are not behaving like a recession is imminent.  read more...

At a Crossroads: Wile E. Coyote Moment or Soft Landing?

by Maia Babbs

It’s been an eventful first half of 2023 in the financial markets.  Through June 30, 2023, we’ve seen a major rebound in equity markets after 2022’s sell-off, which was triggered by the Federal Reserve’s rapidly tightening monetary policy.  read more...

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